Empresa de Navegação Madeirense is the oldest shipping company in Portugal, operating since 1907.

Empresa de Navegação Madeirense ensures the regular transport of goods between Autonomous Region of Madeira and Mainland Portugal, connecting the ports of Caniçal, Porto Santo, Lisbon and Leixões.

After having operated with 25 ships over the years, the fleet was modernised in 2010 with the acquisition of the container ship Funchalense 5, the largest and most modern unit ever. The acquisition of this new container ship, by an Island shipowner, represents a very positive step in the current context of the Portuguese merchant navy, with less and less ships and with the shipowners facing serious difficulties.

The celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Empresa de Navegação Madeirense fills us with great pride.

A legitimate pride, felt in double: the pride of being MADEIRENSE and the pride of serving MADEIRA well. This pride is reflected in an enormous responsibility to continue the work done, always trying to do better.

Since, in 1907, MADEIRENSE proceeded to sea for the first time, our mission and our commitment have been to serve Madeira and the Country. Today, we are a reference in the national Merchant Shipping: the oldest shipowner, thanks to the commitment and devotion from all those – and there have been many – who, over these years, made it possible to maintain this company in activity, whom we thank, pay our tribute and express our recognition for the merit of their actions.

If the maritime transports are considered a strategic activity worldwide, this fact is even more important when it is directed to serve MADEIRA, a small and peripheral island Autonomous Region de, depending enormously on the existence of effective and regular maritime connections. To serve Madeira has been our main raison d’être since more than 100 years. A century during which we have lived critical situations concerning the supply chain of this Region, where, for some periods, we were virtually the only company ensuring external connections.

We cannot forget, as they are in our collective memory, the most important moments, during the two World Wars, after the 25th April 1974 and the 11th March 1975 when, due to the strikes and the situation of pre-bankruptcy of the Portuguese merchant navy, we face many difficulties trying to avoid the rupture of the maritime connections which guaranteed our export activity and our supply. Today, we are an autonomous region with good development levels, with opportunities and with a dynamic, active and substantially different economic fabric. MADEIRENSE is integrated into this framework of progress.

We belong to “GRUPO SOUSA”, one of the most important pillars for our capacity as global logistic operator, we meet the challenges of our Clients and we increase our productivity and efficiency.


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